Dr. Ann McAlpine

Ann McAlpine, D.C.

Dr. Ann McAlpine was born and raised in Holland, where she feels blessed to have been able to return home to practice chiropractic and help restore patient’s bodies, minds and health. She is excited to share all that she has learned and experienced throughout her journey that led her to the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic. After graduating and becoming licensed in the Fall of 2013, she decided to return to Holland to begin her career working alongside her father, Dr. Barry McAlpine. She did her chiropractic internship in Walcott, Iowa with Burt Chiropractic Clinic made up of a father and his three sons practicing under the same roof. She is very passionate about working alongside family in the health industry. She also brings some new techniques into the practice and works alongside a dedicated and distinguished chiropractor. She is passionate about incorporating chiropractic care alongside exercise and health, to achieve optimal health and well-being. She works on the full spine, using the Thompson, Diversified, and Gonstead chiropractic techniques. Dr. Ann is a high energy individual, who is excited to contribute and become a part of the wonderful Holland Community.