I have been going to Dr. Phillip Maletta for years. He was the first chiropractor I ever went to, and I was quite nervous to go. But, he has done a phenomenal job from the first day until now. He’s incredibly professional, personable, and works with you to find the issues and provide solutions that you are comfortable with. For example, I was most nervous of neck adjustments, and he accommodated my request to move away from neck adjustments. Indeed, he went above and beyond recommending various alternative methods such as clicker adjustments to alleviate my fear of neck adjustments and still get the proper treatment which was vital because neck adjustments are what was needed most in my own situation (at least, initially).

Absolutely incredible experience with him & McAlpine. I am not a “loyal to my doctor” type of person, but I even half-jokingly told my wife the other day that we can never move away from Holland because I’m not going to find a chiropractor as good as him anywhere else. He’s that good. My life has been genuinely changed by the recovery I have experienced and continue to obtain. He even provided a pretty elaborate workout schedule for further quality of life improvements and that his adjustments would “stick”. At McAlpine, they are primarily concerned for your health, not making a continuous flow of income.

I would just go here if I were you.